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Why is reducing stress in the workplace important?

  • Workplace stress costs Australian businesses around $11b every year

  • Workplace stress is inescapable in today’s tech savvy world as we can always carry our work with us on our phones, tablets and laptops

  • Stress results in excessive sick days, tardiness, WorkCover claims and high staff turnover

    Colouring books and pages for adults

          How does colouring help?

          • Colouring reduces stress in the same way that meditation & yoga does – but it’s much easier to do at your desk

          • Cognitive benefits of colouring include:

            • Increased memory retention by approximately of 29%

            • Prevents daydreaming; this allows you to stay focused for longer periods of time

            • Relaxes the brain to allow it to grasp new concepts much more easily

            • Promotes creative & ‘out of the box’ thinking

            What is the concept?

            • A Desk Mat colouring book; an open faced notepad style mat to offer accessible colouring as you work

            • Assumes the position of a mouse pad to avoid cluttering an already functioning workspace

            • The base has a non-slip coating to prevent the Desk Mat from sliding as you colour or if you use it as a mousepad

            • 100% Australian made & Owned - 100% paper recyclable – Our Australian factory has some of the highest international accolades for environmental sustainability

              How can it be incorporated into an office environment?

              • Integrated into a Call Centre as a resource to reduce distraction and offer a creative outlet in an often systematic environment

              • A great downtime outlet in common areas used for downtime

              • To encourage out of the box thinking in innovation areas and team meetings

              • As a wellness resource gifted to employees who are struggling with chronic stress

              • Gifted to each employee to use at their desks to increase productivity, reduce stress and promote happiness throughout the office. 


                  Adult Coloring Books & pages

                  To check out the Arttapi Desk Mat 'Click Here'

                  It has been very impressive to see some of Australia's biggest companies shifting their focus to employee wellness. Organisations like Westpac have launched wellness centres for their people in a new paradigm shift of workplace design. The goal was to create the best possible place to work to enable their people to do their best work.

                  This new workplace design was rolled out at Westpac's new Barangaroo site and the COO John Arthur has reported that absenteeism is already down by 15%! This supports the idea that workplace happiness is mutually beneficial to both employee and employer.

                  I too am extremely passionate about promoting happiness in the workplace and as such have created a simple and novel idea that nurtures cognitive wellness in the office while promoting productivity at the same time. Scientifically researched by Educational Psychologist Dr Mandy Ellis, we discovered the many cognitive benefits of colouring in and how they can be utilised in the workplace.

                  Adult colouring books are being adopted by businesses all around the world as the concept continues to achieve great results as a wellness resource for staff.

                  If you're interested in learning more let's schedule a quick 'Productivity with Pencils' session with a few members of your team to discuss the many benefits and allow you to experience it for yourself. Simply putting pencil to paper and staying in between the lines allows you to instantly experience the benefits and see what all the fuss is about. 


                  Corporate Branding

                  Arttapi can customise our range by tailoring it to your brand. This would make the ultimate corporate gift to clients and also be a great way raise brand awareness - much better than a pen or hat!

                  If you are interested in working with Arttapi to create your own branded version of our colouring books, we love to get creative so please get in touch!