Environmental Sustainability

When we decided to create a colouring book for adults our first consideration was "it has to be Australian made!"... The second thought was "it also has to be environmentally friendly!"

Due to the innovate design of the Desk Mat, it was especially difficult to find a printing facility in Australia that was able to manufacture it while still maintaining the essence of the product (and our brand) by being environmentally friendly. Despite the struggle and after months of discussions with multiple printers across Australia, we engaged Bright Print Group who immediately took it upon themselves to go above and beyond to find a solution that met our strict criteria.

Bright Print Group are not only one of the most highly accredited facilities in Australia, they have also won numerous awards for their commitment to environmental sustainability including the highly regarded AGFA Global Sustainability Award (four times).

We are absolutely delighted to be working with Bright Print Group to produce our arttapi range.

To read about the outstanding sustainability practices of Bright Print Group (click here).