About Us

Our team

Alicia Nees

Director & Creative Visionary

The vision behind the Arttapi product range was that through colouring, we could inspire adults to reconnect with their creative side and understand the importance of supporting their cognitive wellness.

The inception of this brand was created in my home office on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. I had an idea that could inspire others and even though I had never created a product before, I knew I had to follow through with my vision.

I have to give a special mention to my wonderful husband Mark who without his love and support, I could not have created such a beautiful first book. Even when I, at times, doubted if my vision could become a reality Mark's unfailing belief in me spurred me on and he never let me give up.

Launching this range of colouring books for adults and seeing my vision come to life has been greatly rewarding. I hope you will enjoy colouring the drawings as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.

Lorenzo Lucia

Technical Illustrator – Galaxy Studio

Lorenzo developed his passion for technical illustration while studying Industrial Design at Sydney College of the Arts. With a firm grounding in art fundamentals and incredible design and technical knowledge, Lorenzo is able to use his wide base of skills to create astoundingly realistic illustrations.

Dr. Mandy Ellis

Dr. Mandy Ellis

Consulting Psychologist

Mandy is a passionate colouring enthusiast who recognised the benefits of colouring over a decade ago when she began colouring. With such a fondness for colouring, Mandy was excited to join the Arttapi team and apply her skills in Educational Psychology to research and promote the advantages of colouring for adults.

Our process

An extensive amount of work goes into each individual illustration that's created for our adult colouring books. You might be surprised to know that it takes on average approximately 15 hours to complete each drawing from start to finish.

Countless hours are spent researching ideas, perspectives and the experience for each drawing and then we create the essence for each illustration. Lorenzo beautifully captures this vision and transforms it into a reality. With a keen eye for detail he applies a high level of intricacy to these photo like drawings to make you feel like you’re there yourself.